Five years ago, we moved to Pittsburgh to be near family. As expected, we love being here for holidays, birthdays, and impromptu barbecues. What we didn’t anticipate was how much we would love the city itself and the crazy variety of things there are to do. Especially since we are at that stage in our lives where we have the time and energy to enjoy it! Biking on miles of gorgeous rail trails, taking in a Pirates, Penguins, or Steelers game, attending the symphony and concerts and opera and plays in the Cultural District (we have never been so damn cultured!) and best of all wandering through the unique and diverse neighborhoods of this beautifully walkable city.

If you’re looking for inspiration, follow us as we explore new (to us) corners of town, recommend our favorite activities and businesses, and perhaps offer pointers on a craft or two (chalk paint, anyone?)

We are still relatively new to the Pittsburgh scene and welcome any suggestions you may have on places we should try, things we should do, or things you’d like to read about here! You can reach us at steelcitysecondact@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping in!

Heidi and Rick

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